In our previous newsletters we have highlighted the importance of nutrition and hydration and in this edition we highlight the importance of movement and why we do what we do at Fletch Fitness. Why we use different movement patterns, forces, acute variables and why I invested time and money to complete an OD on Movement Mentorship Program, an investment I also made for you, my clients and friends, so I can provide you with cutting edge training programs which are effective and safe.

Movement is crucial not so much for weight loss but for the health of tissue, blood, toxin removal and the brain…lets look at some of the ways movement affects the body.

Muscles require movements to strengthen and flush the system. Increasing action with varied forces stimulates the blood to deliver  important components such as red blood cells to carry oxygen, white blood cells that make up part of the immune system and platelets that create clotting. Plasma, blood cells, nutrients and waste products float in this liquid bone and they require movement to stimulate force, because it is this force that creates strengthening of the collagen and minerals that make up bone, making it healthier and more able. Inactivity will decrease density between 1-2%.

Nerves are continually stimulated by movement, the more unusual the movement (not repetitive) the busier the neural system becomes carrying messages to the brain in milli-seconds. Connective tissue craves movement for lubrication and hydration of the tissue. Connective Tissue is made up of collagen (proteins), elastin, reticulin and 70% water and is responsible for force mitigation throughout the system. The more we can move the body in different directions with variations the happier the tissue becomes.

Lymphatic system starts in the feet and hands and works at it’s best during movement. It is essential for the body to move to create the pumping effect required to shift the toxins and waste products to the necessary filters in the viscera and eventually up to the throat region. Blood is pumped away from the heart and towards the outer extremities, the more we move the better the return of the blood to the heart.

The circulatory system is far more effective when we move as it take pressure off the main muscle in the body; the heart. The skin is the outer layer of connective tissue that keeps the pressures that is created inside the body from escaping, the body functions on pressure. Varied movements pump water through the skin and encourages the tissue to remain healthy but also look younger!!

As always variation is the key, along with Rhythm and Timing. So hydrate, eat well, get moving and keep a smile on the dial!    :)

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