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Wayne ‘Fletch’ Fletcher is Noosa’s leading, fully qualified and registered fitness coach. Over the past 20 years, Fletch has been at the cutting edge of the fitness and wellbeing industry and continues to be passionate about helping clients of all shapes and sizes achieve their personal, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Fun, fitness and fresh air….did I mention Fun? Training from Noosa’s stunning natural environment, Fletch offers both individual and group training sessions which are tailor made to individual requirements. All sessions are designed to improve and strengthen mental and physical fitness by enhancing and encouraging lateral movement using the most efficient training methods.

Fletch Fitness training sessions use a combination of various exercise programs which focus on intelligent movements, technique which are safe and fun while providing a full body workout that incorporates the variety needed to maintain motivation and the continual improvement of your fitness level. Programs include:

  • Cardio
  • Functional Movement and Body Conditioning
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Fascial Mobilisation

Fletch Fitness also has access to the OD on Movement Pre-conditioning studio where individual and small group sessions provide an optimum focus on recovery, wellness, regeneration and reconditioning.

Whether you are an elite athlete, active parent, busy corporate professional, or simply wanting to improve your performance and quality of life, then the Fletch Fitness programs are for suitable you.

Check out what’s on.

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  • Since training with Fletch I have lost weight (along with watching diet), more energetic, increased fitness level, it's enjoyable, starts your day off with a good attitude, sense of accomplishment, meet new people/laugh etc. feel healthier.
    Karen (Assistant Regional Manager)
  • My fitness has greatly improved, I have more energy and feel great. I have lost body fat and increased muscle mass and definition.
    Steve (Business Owner)
  • As a mature aged athlete Fletch took great care to manage and maintain my sessions over several months which saw me gain a high level of fitness and well being. Fletch made all my sessions interesting and challenging-always introducing variation to the program that allowed me to be motivated. I would have no hesitation in recommending fletch as a Personal Trainer to anyone
    Yvonne (Masters Athlete)
  • Wayne (Fletch) Fletcher has been my Personal and Group Trainer since I commenced under his instruction over three years ago. In that time Fletch has provided me with the instruction and knowledge to increase my personal fitness. He has always conducted every session with a high standard of professionalism and with a ready supply of current techniques and tools to achieve goals set. His ability to adapt to differences in environment, people or groups and still achieve a high standard of fitness training has been demonstrated often.
    Wendy (Manager)
  • I have been a gym member on and off for many years but tend to stop going because of the repetitive nature of classes (same exercise different music) and impersonal service. I have  been doing outdoor training with Fletch for 18 months and love the many different sessions. Being out doors is great, even in winter. I have lost weight, have a better body shape and a lot more energy.The group is smaller than huge gym classes so you get personal attention from Fletch whilst training within your physical capabilities. Most of all it is a lot of fun and you get a great work out.
    Liz (Nurse)