I’m a 55 year old businessman who was once over weight and very unfit. I had a meeting from Fletch (Wayne Fletcher), the Noosa Tigers Coach and Personal Fitness Instructor. During our discussions, Fletch spoke about his fitness program at the Australian Rules Football oval. At that time I was over 95 Kilograms and being 5’ 10” (175cm) I was overweight and very unfit, as most of my days and nights were spent at work. Although I did watch what I ate, I wasn’t exercising nearly enough and the more we spoke, the more I knew I had to get my act together or my weight would get out of control. That was back in November last year, now eight (8) months later, I’m fitter than I have been since my football days, I have lost over 15 Kilograms and my muscles are toned and have a clear definition. Fletch provided me with an exercise program, which progressed in intensity and weight as I became fitter and stronger. The program was always different and never boring, predictable or mundane. One day you’re using weights, the next kicking, boxing, squatting and running. Fletch mixes it up so as your whole body gets a workout and although you go through some pain, you definitely gain the rewards, at least I know I have. Also, exercising outside with a fun group of people made it all that much more enjoyable. Even with the amount of rain we have had we have never missed a session. To all those people who may be considering joining Fletch’s classes, I will say this, “Do it, Do it now and be committed”. If you want results, don’t go into this only half hearted. You need to attend at least three sessions per week and be prepared to change your diet if you want to get the best result for you.” I am only too happy to convey my support and appreciation to Fletch for helping me get back to a weight and fitness level, which I’m extremely happy with. I couldn’t achieve the results I have without the continued development program, guidance and support Fletch provides.
David (Businessman)
Sometimes it's had to get up for training in the morning but when I do , I just feel fantastic. for the rest of the day. Fletch always has something new in store for us ,so you never get bored or complacent. He seems to know exactly when to ramp it up a bit, so it never seems repetitive, and always finds a way to motivate us to work just that bit harder, usually with a smile on his face! The early morning sessions are a great group of people and although our fitness levels and ages vary, its never a problem. We all train at a pace that is right for us  and we all manage to have a few laughs! No more smelly gyms for me, I do it outdoors with Fletch.
Shannon (Business Manager)
Having been inactive for many years and being very overweight it was a bit daunting to start a “structured” exercise program. I have been going now for about two months – in hindsight what a great decision. Everyone is trained at a level which is appropriate to their individual needs and fitness levels. It is a pleasure to train in such a friendly and supportive environment.  I really enjoy the variety – every training session is different and you never really know what Fletch has in store until you start training. I always feel great after a session, it improves my outlook for the whole day. Although it is very much a work in progress, the benefits for me to date have been very noticeable. I have already lost 7kg and improved my energy levels.
Peter (Accountant)
My fitness has greatly improved, I have more energy and feel great. I have lost body fat and increased muscle mass and definition.
Steve (Business Owner)
Since training with Fletch I have lost weight (along with watching diet), more energetic, increased fitness level, it's enjoyable, starts your day off with a good attitude, sense of accomplishment, meet new people/laugh etc. feel healthier.
Karen (Assistant Regional Manager)
I have been a gym member on and off for many years but tend to stop going because of the repetitive nature of classes (same exercise different music) and impersonal service. I have  been doing outdoor training with Fletch for 18 months and love the many different sessions. Being out doors is great, even in winter. I have lost weight, have a better body shape and a lot more energy.The group is smaller than huge gym classes so you get personal attention from Fletch whilst training within your physical capabilities. Most of all it is a lot of fun and you get a great work out.
Liz (Nurse)
Following my retirement I lived a more relaxed lifestyle and believed I was active with some gardening, travel, walking and caring for my grandchildren. However, my medical checkups were showing my blood pressure remained high, cholesterol up and bone density down. I started training with Fletch doing a Cardio and Toning session each week. Fletch is a likeable, well respected and highly professional trainer and he made the sessions challenging and yet fun. He provided a variety of activities and his expertise in groups and individually, depending on their fitness levels. The Group irrespective of age or gender, offered friendship, humour and encouragement. Recently following my medical check up my doctor was pleased with my improved blood pressure (rest rate dropped from 85 to 61), my cholesterol was good and I showed improvement in my Bone Density test. Both my chiropractor and Doctor have strongly urged me to continue my training with Fletch. At 64 Year of age I am feeling more lively, stronger and happier.
Bev (Retired teacher)
As a mature aged athlete Fletch took great care to manage and maintain my sessions over several months which saw me gain a high level of fitness and well being. Fletch made all my sessions interesting and challenging-always introducing variation to the program that allowed me to be motivated. I would have no hesitation in recommending fletch as a Personal Trainer to anyone
Yvonne (Masters Athlete)
Wayne (Fletch) Fletcher has been my Personal and Group Trainer since I commenced under his instruction over three years ago. In that time Fletch has provided me with the instruction and knowledge to increase my personal fitness. He has always conducted every session with a high standard of professionalism and with a ready supply of current techniques and tools to achieve goals set. His ability to adapt to differences in environment, people or groups and still achieve a high standard of fitness training has been demonstrated often.
Wendy (Manager)