Fletch Fitness training sessions use a combination of various exercise programs to give you a full body workout that provides the variety you need to maintain consistent motivation and the continual improvement of your fitness level. All training sessions are designed to make you feel great both mentally and physically, improve your heart and lung fitness, enhance your strength, help you move better and more efficiently, as well as help you see effective fat and weight loss results.

Cardio – Boxing12728776_1134482796586687_5782757244440423855_n

The empowering outdoor cardio and strength exercise session combines boxing, kicking, kneeing and self-defence techniques. Punch, kick and jab your way through a fun and highly motivating session that will calorie burn, build strength and leave you with a healthy sense of achievement. No previous experience is required.


Fletch Fitness’ yoga program focuses on breath and gaining flexibility and strength through mindful, whole body, rhythmic movements. IMG_20170225_083833762
This is an increasingly popular and effective form
of exercise for all participants targeting
the alleviation of pain, effectively improving balance,
strength and flexibility, as well as helping reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga is low impact, making it suitable for recovery, restoration and rehabilitation, which is why it is scientifically proven to be effective to individuals and is highly recommended by health professionals.

Cardio MaxIMG_20170407_065030443

The ultimate outdoor training session for
building maximum fitness, burning calories and increasing endurance is cardio max. This session ensures massive cardio variety using different terrain, intervals, games, buddy cardio and cross training – catering to the first time exerciser through
to the super fit athlete.


Functional Movement/Body Conditioning

The ideal full body strengthening and sculpting session is functional/movement body conditioning
which is designed to improve muscular strength and
endurance, body tone, body shape and postural stability.
Using a combination of dumbbell weights, resistance bands,
abdominal work and fit ball activities, Fletch Fitness use IMG_20170303_063552877
this training style to help you to increase your strength and
learn how to build strong core muscles. Just like cardio,
muscle toning is an essential aspect of any successful
training program, and a combination of the
two leaves participants feeling amazing
…and the results are extremely noticeable!