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Hi Team. Welcome to this edition of our newsletter.

Well team this week marks the end of our 8 Week Spring into Summer 8 Week Body Blitz Challenge and I am looking forward to seeing plenty of positive results for the outstanding efforts that you have been putting in through the last 8 weeks of your training. The overall winner will be announced at our Christmas break up, all other prizes including the $400 cash prize will be won through our Lucky Prize Draws and this will all take place on Sunday the 20th at Rococo Restaurant on Hastings Street Noosa Heads. Check out the upcoming events for more detail.

A part of our Body Blitz Challenge was to complete the 7 Day Raw Detox I congratulate those of you that completed the detox fully, even if you only managed to do 80% I trust that you felt the same rewarding benefits that I experienced and it also has provided you with some inspiration to eating clean and opened you up to having more healthy eating options with your future nutritional food plans.

In our Heath Article in this edition we take a look at the Facts About Fascia and Benefits of Fascial Freeing. We have been doing fascial freeing as a regular part of our Wednesday morning training session as well as randomly during other training sessions, this is something we will be doing more regular in the future so be sure to have a good read of the article to better understand the benefits that Fascial Freeing provides and the reasons why we do the different movements that we do during our training sessions.

The festive season is fast approaching and it can be a very crazy busy time but I strongly encourage you to continue to make time for your training sessions as it will enable you to enjoy the festivities without feeling guilt and will give you more energy to celebrate with family and friends. There is minimal disruption to our training sessions over Christmas/New Year as you will read in the timetable changes further into the newsletter so be sure to check it out along with all the other info! Enjoy the rest of the read and keep a smile on your dial :) See you at training!

In health & Fitness,

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Wipeout Surf & Skate is located in the main street (Duke Street).

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Anita & Toby wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas!!

Upcoming Events

It's Party Time

End of Spring into Summer Challenge and Christmas Party!

Sunday 20th December – 3-6pm

Christmas Break Up and End of Challenge presentation, prize draws and the challenge cash draw will be held on at Rococo Restaurant/Bar on Hastings Street Noosa Heads from 3.00pm. Healthy Gluten free vegetarian finger food will be supplied, beer, wine and cider will be at Happy Hour prices for the 3 hours (1/2price) and a bit of flamingo music to dance along to will also be provided! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Challenge Prizes!!!

The winner of our Spring into Summer 8 Week Body Blitz will receive a Accommodation package from the Emerald on Hastings Resort Valued at $270.00 as well as a $100 Voucher from Rococo Restaurant on Hastings. All paid up challenge participants will have tickets in the cash/ prize draw matching the amount of training sessions that you have attended over the 8 Weeks of the Body Blitz. The cash draw is currently at $400 and other prizes include $100 Rolling Dolmade voucher compliments of Owen Exton, A SCIO Treatment voucher valued at $120 compliments of Suzette Laux, Massage Vouchers from Hands on Sports and Remedial Massage compliments of Roger Leeson, Fruit and Veg Vouchers compliments of Emma and Pittsy,s Fruit and Veg Tewantin, Wipeout Surf&Skate vouchers compliments of Anita and Toby Witt as well as a Personal Training package valued at $200 compliments of yours truly! All prizes will be drawn at our Christmas break up Sunday the 20th so to be a winner be sure to be there!

 Merry Christmas

Timetable Changes

Due to Christmas/New Year there will be no training sessions held Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Monday 28th December or Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd January.

All training sessions will be as per normal aside from these dates.

Refer a friend

Referral Reward!

Introduce a friend today!

Take part in the referral reward for a limited time only and receive one week of free training in return for introducing a new member that signs up to join our training team. How easy is that!

Save Money

Business Discounts:

Fletch Fitness 2015 Spring into Summer 8 Week Body Blitz

  • Hands On Sport & Remedial Massage – Roger Leeson 0405610042
  • Nathalie Korver Beauty Results – Phone Nathalie 0409400923
  • Bounce Hair Studio – Gibson Road Noosaville
  • Noosa Kayak/Boat/Stand Up Paddle/Aqua Bike Hire – Orange shed on Gympie Tce Noosaville
  • Rococo Restaurant – Hastings Street Noosa
  • Wipeout Surf/Skate Clothing – Duke Street Sunshine Beach
  • Emma/Pittsy’s Fruit/Veg – Tewantin Plaza Tewantin
  • Quenchers Espresso Bar & Juicery in the Junction – Sunshine Beach Road Noosa Heads
  • Mama Remedies – Zoe Richardson Homeopathy – 0499402600

All the above Businesses are offering a 10% discount until the 31/12/2015 so please take full advantage of the savings by supporting these businesses.

Here to stay!

Here To Stay!

The Pilates/Yoga session by the river with Arienne has proved to be very popular so it is here to stay and will continue to be held every Saturday morning commencing at 830am. The cost will remain the same at just $5 for fletch fitness members, $10 for friends and or family members that attend with you and $15 for any casual attendees.

Saturday Trainings

Saturday Trainings

Saturday 12th December – 7am

Training Session – will be at the AFL grounds commencing, for both training and challenge fitness assessment and measurements

Pilates/Yoga Session – on at 8:30 on Gympie Terrace as per usual.

Saturday 19th December – 7:30 am

River Session – commencing at 7:30am Lions Park Gympie Tce. Come on down and start your weekend on the river!

Pilates/Yoga Session – commencing at 8:30 Lions Park Gympie Tce

Our Timetable

Our Timetable

  • Monday 6am – Cardio Box
  • Monday 6pm – Conditioning Circuit
  • Tuesday 6am – Conditioning circuit
  • Wednesday 6am – Cardiomax
  • Wednesday 6pm Cardio Box
  • Thursday 6am Cardio Box
  • Friday 6am Conditioning Circuit
  • Saturday 7am
  • 1ST AND 3RD Saturdays will be Beach training sessions meeting at beach access 36 Tingira Crescent Sunrise Beach
  • 2ND AND 4TH Saturdays River Training sessions meeting at the Lions Park on Gympie Tce Noosaville

In the Spotlight

Noeleen SandersonIn the Spotlight in this edition is the lovely and very determined Noeleen Sanderson who joined the Fletch Fitness Team in early July of this year. Since joining our team training sessions Noeleen has improved in leaps and bounds, it has not all been smooth sailing for Noeleen as she had to overcome a couple of old injury problems but thru sheer determination and dedication she has been able to achieve amazing results with weight loss, improved body tone and increased heart and lung fitness. Noeleen is a delightful addition to the our team always rocking up to training with a
friendly smile and a very positive attitude, whilst she may not be a great fan of push ups she still gets the job done without too much fuss and always with a smile on her dial! Your looking fanatastic Noeleen so feel very proud of your achievements, maintain your positive attitude, keep up the great work and keep on smiling!

Name: Noeleen Sanderson

Occupation: Recently quit being an early childhood educator

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I grew up in South Africa and we moved to the UK in 1994 and had our two children there, then to Australia in 2006. Noosa has always been our dream destination and we finally moved here in 2012 when my husband retired from the Airforce.

What is your favourite Fletch Fitness session?
Boxing – I find it releases a lot of tension. I enjoy most sessions as long as Fletch doesn’t make me do any pushups!

When you find yourself with 30 minutes of free-time, how do you spend it?
I love my family and my kids always come first, like a walk or a swim or totem tennis with Cameron

What is currently your main goal?
Get fitter and tone up

Myofascial Release

Health – Myofascial Release

Eliminate Pain and start living

Fascial Freeing is another great set of tools that enables instant, effective and efficient results. It is not suggesting that any other methods are wrong or right but demonstrates that there are many ways that we can empower ourselves to live a happier, healthier life.

What is myofascial release


  • Focusses on locations/regions of glued or stuck tissue, freeing up adhesions & enhancing lubrication. 10-20 secs only
  • Hands, Rollers, Balls, Sticks can be used
  • Improves Central Nervous System transmission b/w CNS & Muscles
  • Creates greater efficiency of force transmission b/w muscles & tendons, bones, ligaments
  • Healthy well moving faces will have a huge impact on what it does, how it feels, how it moves and more importantly how it heals


There are numerous techniques/tools to release connective tissue if we are using a ROLLER or BALL firstly choose which complex you want to affect. Perform a metric (movement) to feel what region of the complex may be restricted. For a successful application follow these steps.

  1. Place yourself in a comfortable position
  2. Apply the roller on the bony section of the complex
  3. Roll up and down or across the region in GENTLE fashion, this creates a mechanical energy that helps to soften the tissue and promotes a pumping of liquid (hydration) through the connective tissue
  4. Do this for approximately 10-20 seconds up and down then across the region
  5. Perform the original movement again as a comparison, observe hat/how you feel.


When a Doctor talks Fascia they normally refer to “certain layers and sheets of biological fabric”, when we say Fascia we mean “The entire extra-cellular matrix. ie; everything in the body that isn’t a cell.

Fascia comprises;

  • Water
  • Collagen, Elastin, Reticulin
  • Proteoaminoglycans/Ground Substance/Glue
  • Mineral salts in bone
  • Chondroitin in cartiledge
  • Protein/sugar gels in tendon, ligament, aerolar & fascial layers

Necessary steps for success in the body

  1. Hydration
  2. Movement
  3. Effecting locations that are glued up

Fascia is propriceptively rich, in fact there are 9-10 times more proprioceptors in fascia than muscle. These proprioceptors will communicate and stabilize a joint first (ligaments and tendons) before travelling to the brain. Fascia is activated by Gravity/Ground Force/Momentum.


  • 9-10 times more Proprioceptors in FASCIA than MUSCLE
  • Rhythmical motion (walking/cycling) weakly stimulates fascia BUT loading with FORCE strongly stimulates it.
  • MYOFIBROBLASTS are stimulated by MECHANICAL means and not through the nervous system (no known nerves to myofibroblasts)
  • Fascia is organised according to the forces RECEIVED and TRANSMITTED through the body (Davis’ Law)
  • Fascia is VISCOELASTIC
  • Fascia can contract (like smooth muscle)
  • Vector Variability (dimensionalization of mechanical force) will maximize fascial growth
  • The balance of bones is based upon the balance of the soft tissue
  • Fascia is more STIFF and muscle is more COMPLIANT (and has a significant impact on joint stability


  • Use COUNTER MOVEMENT to create Pre-stretch (Tissue loading)
  • Vary FORCES and DIRECTIONS of Load (Triangulate Exercises)
  • Train in INTERVALS (Rest intervals allow the tissue to REHYDRATE)
  • Make use of ENVIRONMENTAL DRIVERS (Gravity/GF) to create elastic rebound.

As always I am happy to help so if you would like to learn more or receive fascia release, please let me know.

If you know of any events or articles that you would like to share, please feel free to email them. Click here to email.

Have a great day & keep a smile on your dial!

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