Hey Team.
Welcome to this belated edition of our newsletter! You have just gotta love Modern Technology is all I will say on that one! :)
Moving on, we are now entering the third week of our 10 Week Best Bloody Year Yet Challenge and I would like to thank you and also congratulate you all on the positive start you have made.
As part of the challenge you were given a list of recommendations and challenges to undertake over the course of the 10 weeks. I have received some before photos but would like to see more, it is not too late so please follow the lead set by your fellow team members who have taken up the challenge and sent their photos in and in doing so are halfway to earning 20 bonus points EACH! The interaction on our Fletch Fitness Health Retreat page has been fantastic, this is a great way to communicate and help motivate your buddy as well as other Fletch Fitness team members, your time and effort on this is greatly appreciated so keep up the great work!
If you haven’t already received the 7 Day Raw Detox program please keep a check on your email inbox as you will receive it in the next few days, this can be completed at any stage of the challenge, just keep us posted to receive your bonus points.
This Saturday morning at 7am I have organised a kayak/stand up paddle session for the cost of just $10 per person. This is a great opportunity to do as a team having plenty of fun enjoying this wonderful river experience together and for you and your buddy to earn 10 points each! Check out the upcoming events for further info.
One of the daily recommendations for you to undertake is to do a Breathing Exercise twice daily, on the challenge list you received there is an example of a simple breathing exercise to follow using a 1-4-2 ratio. In our health article in this edition there is further information on the many positive benefits of breathing, the science of breathing and access to more detailed breathing techniques that my sister Janine has developed and has successfully used to help many people of all ages both young and mature to be happier, healthier and smarter.

Well I hope you enjoy the read and don’t forget to have your daily 30 second cold shower!
See you at training! Yours in Fitness Health and Happiness Cheers Fletch

Support Small Local Businesses










TYREPOWER NOOSAVILLE is located at 138 Eumundi Road, Noosaville.
Come in and get the right advice for your vehicle from the people who know!
We can help you with all the following.

  • Vehicle servicing
  • Tyres for everything from a wheel barrow to a truck or tractor
  • Brakes
  • 4wd Suspension
  • 4wd Accessories
  • Tow bars
  • Bull bars
  • Camping Accessories
  • Light barsCall in to our new showroom and see what we have to offer!! Or give us a ring on 5449 7785 or 5455 5322 or call in for a chat with Allison & Dallas



Upcoming Events


Stand Up Paddle Boarding/Kayaking Event

Saturday 27th February – 7:30am

with Noosa Kayak hire at jetty 17 (the orange shed) on Gympie Tce. This will commence at 7:30am and the cost will be just $10 per person which is a red hot special deal just for this day, don’t miss out!
The 8:30am pilates/yoga sessions remain unchanged.

img_4147 Saturday TrainingsSaturday 27th FebruaryRiver Training Session – no session due to Challenge Treat of SUP/Kayaking (see events page for more info)
Pilates/Yoga by the River – 8:30am – Gympie Terrace Stage.  Just $5 for fletch fitness members, $10 for friends and or family members that attend with you and $15 for any casual attendees.

Beach Session

Beach Session – 7am – Sunrise Beach Access 36. Don’t forget to bring a towel and a bottle of water.
Pilates/Yoga by the River – 8:30am – Gympie Terrace Stage.  Just $5 for fletch fitness members, $10 for friends and or family members that attend with you and $15 for any casual attendees.

Refer a friend

Referral Reward!

Introduce a friend today! Take part in the referral reward for a limited time only and receive one week of free training in return for introducing a new member that signs up to join our training team. How easy is that!


Yoga with Arienne!

The Pilates/Yoga session by the river be held every Saturday morning commencing at 8:30am. These sessions are not just open to Fletch Fitness members but also to the public, so please tell your friends. The cost is just $5 for fletch fitness members, $10 for friends and or family members that attend with you and $15 for any casual attendees.

Our Timetable

Our Timetable

  • Monday 6am – Cardio Box
  • Monday 6pm – Conditioning Circuit
  • Tuesday 6am – Conditioning circuit
  • Wednesday 6am – Cardiomax
  • Wednesday 6pm Cardio Box
  • Thursday 6am Cardio Box
  • Friday 6am Conditioning Circuit
  • Saturday 7am
  • 1ST AND 3RD Saturdays will be Beach training sessions meeting at beach access 36 Tingira Crescent Sunrise Beach
  • 2ND AND 4TH Saturdays River Training sessions meeting at the Lions Park on Gympie Tce Noosaville

In the Spotlight

img_4150In the spotlight in this edition is the lovely Olivia Fowkes. Olivia is a very valued member of the Fletch Fitness team and there are many times where her son Zac joins in to train alongside his mum at our 6pm sessions and the occasional Saturday morning J. Together as well as individually they add a lot of laughter and fun to our training sessions, Olivia has an extremely positive attitude and always rocks up to training with a friendly smile on her dial! Unfortunately due to other commitments Olivia will be missing from our evening sessions for the next 12 weeks but you never know we just may see her at the odd early morning session during this time! You are a treat to train Olivia and an absolute inspiration to your son Zac and all the crew at the Fletch Fitness team and we hope to see you and young Zac back out at training sometime real soon! Name: Olivia Fowkes (Liv) Occupation: Student Bachelor of Social Work Tell us something we don’t know about you. Considering my lack of ability to count and exercise at the same time some of you may be surprised to know that I was once a helicopter pilot. I also volunteer for a horticultural group for the elderly, so if you know of any that might benefit from a day of planting and chatting contact the Noosa Community Centre. We welcome all abilities. What is your favourite Fletch Fitness session? All sessions are good fun as long as they don’t involve push ups. When you find yourself with 30 minutes of free-time, how do you spend it? Lie down and listen to music…chillax What is currently your main goal? Currently my main goal is to convince Fletch to extend his timetable of afternoon sessions so I can still attend without having to wake up for the morning sessions!

Health – Take A Breather


What’s the one thing that you’re doing right now
and every minute of every day,
that is either helping or hindering you?

What’s theone thing that, dependingon how you’re doing it, will either be:

  • Making you feel anxious, angry, defensive, agitated OR peaceful, calm. relaxed, friendly
  • Causing you to be in a positive OR a negative frame of mind
  • Activating your body’s stress response OR activating your body’s natural healing response
  • Having a positive OR a negative impact on your training, sports performance and recovery time
  • Helping you to focus, concentrate, learn easily and be productive OR making it difficult for you to focus, concentrate, learn or be productive
  • Making you feel confused and focusing on the problem OR enabling a sense of clarity and focusing on finding a solution
  • Improving your ability to respond, make conscious choices OR making you be reactive and impulsive
  • Helping you to be in a creative space OR causing you to be stuck for ideas

What’s theone thing you’re doing right now that could potentially be helping you to be  Smarter, Happier, Healthier?


Breathing. Yes! The answer is Breathing!

Throughout your day, every now and then, become aware of your breathing…What connections can you make between the way you are breathing AND the way you are feeling, what you’re thinking about, your frame of mind, your ability to focus, your sense of wellbeing, your response to others …

As always, if I can help you in any way with your health and fitness goals, do not hesitate to contact me or have a chat after training. This is your year!


To learn how to Take A Breather (a breathing technique that will help you to gain the positive benefits of breathing) a new app is available on the app store $4.49   Take A Breather by Janine Fletcher  Click Here
The Science of BreathingClick Here for video


As always I am happy to help so if you would like to learn more or receive fascia release, please let me know.

If you know of any events or articles that you would like to share, please feel free to email them. Click here to email.

Have a great day & keep a smile on your dial!

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