Hello team! This issues topic is REST and RECOVERY! Rest and Recovery is an essential part of any workout routine and has a big impact on your fitness gains, strength gains and your general wellbeing. Recovery during and after exercise is essential for muscle/tissue repair, allows you to train much more effectively and plays an important role for fat loss and or weight loss.


Here are six proven ways to SPEED up your RECOVERY:


1/ Rest : Sleep is one of the most important forms of rest and provides time for the body to adapt to the physical demands of training. Make sure you are getting enough sleep between 7-8 hours per day is the most recommended, try to ensure your sleep is good quality and preferably in a darkened room and in a comfortable, quiet and peaceful environment. Passive resting such as reading a book, listening to music or a casual walk along the beach are great ways to relax both mentally and physically.


2/ Mobilizers : The Mobilizers that we do at training are very effective for recovery, they help lubricate the connective tissue and assist in reducing discomfort and pain, improve reaction time and balance, improve wellbeing, increase energy, reduce fat levels and increase speed and efficiency in movement. Being consistent in doing your Mobilizers is a major key to reaping the benefits!


3/ Fascial Freeing : Fascial Freeing is a simple, effective method “freeing” locations of the body such as the hips that become restricted through everyday lifestyle challenges. It addresses the locations of the body that tend to “glue up “, impeding the efficiency of the body, it can be applied using various Osteo Fascial Techniques such as foam rollers, tennis balls,softballs, spiky balls or hands on from your Personal Trainer J Fascial Freeing will improve your recovery, movement, vitality and training performance.


4/ Nutrition/ Hydration : In our previous newsletters we have stressed the importance of Good Healthy Nutrition and keeping well Hydrated for general well being and it also plays a major role with your recovery from your workouts. After depleting your energy stores during your workout, you need to refuel with good quality healthy food fuel to enable your body to recover and repair tissues. You also lose a lot of fluids during your workout and should always be replacing it during your workout, but filling up after your workout is an easy way to boost your recovery. Water supports every metabolic function and nutrient transfer in the body and having plenty of water will improve every bodily function.


5/ Contrast Therapy : Alternating cold water and hot water when you have a shower provides increase muscle flow to the working muscles and speeds the removal of lactic acid and is a great way to recover from your workouts. Be sure to start and finish your shower with the cold exposure: a simple formula to follow is 15 seconds cold 30 seconds hot repeating 3 or 4 times but remember always start and finish with the cold water!


6/ Massage : Pamper your body by treating yourself to a massage, it will help relieve any tension in the body tissue, provide you with relaxation, help relieve stress, make you feel great, and is fantastic for your wellbeing as well as being a very enjoyable form of recovery! So get pampered and ENJOY!

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